Artist in Residence -Artist Association of Nantucket May-June 2017

16th June 2017
I just returned from a visit to Nantucket Island. This is my third artist residency on Nantucket with previous visits courtesy of the Nantucket Island School of Art & Design.

On this trip I foraged many sites that I will be gleaning from over the coming months. I seem to seek out Nantucket after particularly traumatic events in my life. This time I was testing my strength after a very sudden near death (or actual death) experience and a seemingly miraculous recovery. There is something on this island that is an elixir to my frayed nerves.

Aside from Nantucket's sublime landscape, I am attracted to the history of the whaling era and the architectural preservation of the main town and historic Siaconset. Lectures and exhibits at the UU Church, the Whaling Museum, the Athenaeum, and the Lifesaving Museum helped curb my severe shock and disappointment with how developed the Island has become.

I returned to the Hidden Forest which truly is hidden and I will not reveal its location. Even locals don't know where this is and it took me most of my trip to find it again --- like some old friend I had been searching for.

I took my 4wd off roading as an antidote to my 6 months without a car -- and to perhaps see into my future... How far goes that road ahead? Better take it now.

I also had an encounter with a ghost, but that is a story for another day......

As a prelude to this visit I reconstructed a previous Nantucket landscape that I shot in 1994. I scanned the negatives to make a digital version. I thought perhaps the colors were off, but on re-visiting the Nantucket moors I found them to be fairly accurate. The yellow sky shot is just how it appeared from the negative - so I left it. On the day of my photo shoot I found a red tail hawk feather which I later gave to a local woman who had property on Tuckernuck Island. She was suffering from Lyme disease and told me that Red Tail feathers could be useful in easing her symptoms.

Red Tail, Nantucket (2017) Dec 2017 -Purchased by the Brigham & Woman's Hospital Collection, Boston.

In 2003 I visited Nantucket again. During that trip I experienced a Nor'easter and I went to Getty Beach to photograph the surf. I was standing at the shore and a rogue wave came up to my waist. Not a good idea. These shots I used in several shell images including "Isadora" and "Listen."