Exhibit: "Plot" at the Davis Gallery, Worcester, Ma

23rd May 2017
I am showing a sequence of 4 large photo collages for "Plot - Gardens and the Stories of Seeds" June 9 - August 14, 2017 at the Davis Gallery in Worcester, Ma.

This show was curated by and dedicated to Heather Adels who died suddenly during the planning stages. Below I include my statement for the exhibit. Also included in this show is work by one of my favorite artists Steve Negron.

Ripe (Tower Hill) ©2017

Seed Dreams for Heather (Tower Hill) ©2017

The Pink Shed (Tower Hill) 2017

Harvest (Tower Hill) 2017

Artist Statement for "Plot"

For this exhibit I show four images shot at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA.

I had been visiting Tower Hill periodically and walking the trails on the property. The terrain was a challenge because I normally use wild nature and not “gentrified” gardens as my subject.

But when nature is involved the “wild” is always in play. To make a garden we must measure and lay out the plots, prepare the soil, and plant the seeds. Then the sun, water, and air take over. The calm expectancy of April is havoc by mid June.

Gardens are places where the imagination can flourish. In wild nature, seemingly random combinations create patterns that expresses the specific elements in play. In a gentrified garden, the human hand plays a more powerful and controlling role, but “nature” is ultimately in charge.

In my interaction with the curator for this show I sent Heather Adels a few images that might work for her theme of “Plots.” She was most enthusiastic when I superimposed flowers over the landscape. With this in mind I dedicate the winter image “Seed Dreams” to Heather, whose laughter and enthusiasm are indelible.

For this image I visited Tower Hill in March. There was snow on the ground and a Witch Hazel tree was in its yellow bloom. This is one of the earliest harbingers of spring. That day I also visited the greenhouses at the Tower Hill complex and photographed various blooms. After putting the composition together (from about 25 separate photo frames) I added the flying flower as a prompt to our memories and imagination. We are dreaming of what is to come after the earth has warmed.

At Tower Hill there is a shed that became a motif in my sequence of images. In “The Pink Shed” we are in early/mid spring and the dance has just started. The elements of growth are at the beginning of their engagement. In “Harvest” a few months later the almost chaotic results bombard us with their frenzy —and we are catapulting to the end… In “Ripe” we know that the heavy color of the fall foliage will soon be on the ground, the earth will slumber, and then we will start again.

This exhibit was an opportunity for me to find my own small place in this beautiful cycle.

Thank you Heather.