Fractured Visions at the Danforth Museum March 14- May 17

27th February 2015
My exhibition "Fractured Visions" with Prilla Smith Brackett opens on March 14 at Danforth Art - Museum/School in Framingham Ma. The March 14th 6-8 pm opening is a "Members only" event but you can contact me for inclusion on the admittance list.

Artist Talks are: Wed March 25 12:30 Ragus/Brackett in conversation
Sunday March 29 - 3 pm Prilla Smith Brackett
Sunday April 12 - 3 pm Amy Ragus

Show Dates are March 14- May 17, 2015.
Details about the Danforth Museum go to
The exhibit will travel to Catamount Arts in Vermont Fall 2015.

The exhibition was curated by Michele Cohen and is accompanied with a catalog which will be available on line. Essays by Michele Cohen and Danforth Museum curator Jessica Roscio focus on how our work uses painterly and photographic approaches.

I am showing 19 photo collages ranging in size from 20 inches to 60 inches. The show is an eclectic sampling of various series including landscape panoramas, woods collages, and my car series. I include works that have been scanned from 35mm negatives along with digital capture. I also include images that are seamless collages (from multiple shots made continuous in Photoshop). Below is a car view collage "IMU (Earth Oven, Hawaii)" originally shot in 1998 and completed with multiple C prints as a cut and paste collage. In my current 2014 version I have scanned the negatives to complete a digital collage that closely reproduces the original.

Also included is a simple 3 frame collage "Max, Gros Morne Newfoundland." I have called this type of image a "whimsy" as it is a fast and fanciful combination of distinct images. Here I am working in the tradition of the Surrealism and strongly influenced by Georgia O'Keefe, Man Ray, and Picasso. This is the smallest image in my show at about 20 inches.

Imu (Earth Oven, Hawaii)25x46" - This image was shot on the Big Island of Hawaii while I was on an extended visit. I was staying in a remote retreat and on the second night I experienced my first earthquake. Kilauea had erupted and I eventually hired a guide to take me out near the site where I saw the lava tubes and red molten streams flowing into the ocean. My shots of the lava were combined with a view from my rental car. A large portion of the Island is a field of cooled lava (as seen here), not the tropical paradise we all imagine. The clouds are clouds from the volcano site that can be seen for miles.

Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland 35 x 52" This image was shot with film while I was an artist in residence with Selma Bromberg at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. Tablelands is an extensive field of much studied archeological formations. Walking into the Tablelands is a sobering experience and we rarely encountered other visitors. This piece combines over 85 separate photo frames (35mm film) that I scanned recently to complete this piece as a digital file. I left one collage element in the foreground.

Max, Gros Morne, Newfoundland