Walden portfolio I came to Walden Woods in the 1990's looking for a change of life. What I found was a mystical place that inspired me on many levels. I became familiar with Henry David Thoreau's journals which can make even the most steadfast New Yorker a student of nature. Fruitlands portfolio Fruitlands was a radical community started by the reformist educator Bronson Alcott (father of Louisa May Alcott and close friend of Henry David Thoreau). Located in Harvard Ma, the Fruitlands experiment existed for a mere 7 months (1843-44). Alcott was an independent thinker and a man of strict principles. I photographed the property in 2010-11 and became immersed in its history. I showed this work in a one person show at the Fruitlands Museum. A link to my writing on the show is in my Blog in the Link section of this site.
New England Woods portfolio Woods collages from various sites in Massachusetts - a few from my backyard. Driving/Car Views portfolio While driving we have a good amount of time for pleasurable viewing. The massive steel frame is like a traveling 3-d movie theater. My mind completes what I cannot see.
Auvillar France portfolio I visited Auvillar France as an artist in residence through the Virginia Center for the Arts. I was looking for a complete change of pace and tone. In Auvillar, what struck me immediately was the timeless quality of daily life. There seemed to be more space between moments, less clutter. My room overlooked part of the pilgrimage route from Northern France to Santiago, Spain. Every day I would hear the tap tap of walking sticks and see the usually solitary pilgrims walk up the road to the center of town. What were the pilgrims looking for? What indeed was I looking for? Halloween portfolio Halloween is a primal expression of the transition from Fall's harvest to the icy terrors of Winter. I am very attracted to this frenzied and edgy celebration.
Florida portfolio I have visited Florida for many years. I recently was artist-in-residence at the Hermitage Center on the West Coast where I was able to photograph over a three year period (3 years with 2 weeks each visit). My primary focus was Florida forest scenes with repeat visits to Myakka State Park, Oscar Scherer State Park, and others. I also focused on the shore with an attempt to photograph classic beach views with a new perspective. Many of these beach scenes were enhanced with objects. Sixteen of these images are included in an exhibit in 2017 at the Art Center Sarasota (see News posting). Waterfalls portfolio I photographed my first waterfall in VT in 1996. Since then, their seductive qualities percolate in my subconscious. Civilized life doesn't usually include waterfalls - which are relentlessly powerful and inviolate. It is the water that calls us. The particles fill the air and the sound can be deafening. I stand as close as I can get as the primal elements pull.
Cape Ann portfolio I am drawn to the power of the Cape Ann landscape. Sometimes I am intimidated or even frightened by its rocky coastline and powerful vistas. I can sense the hard tonnage of granite monoliths pressing down on my chest, and the sudden approach of a powerful storm threatening my body. I am a small wooden vessel crashing against the waves. The Rock - Gros Morne National Park portfolio In 2001 I visited Newfoundland as Artist-in-Residence at Gros Morne National Park. Some work from that residency is included here. I am currently re-creating some of the work into digital collages and will post as they are completed.
Flying portfolio Early digital work completed in 2000. I had the idea for this series 15th years before I was able to act on it. When Photoshop and digital imaging came into play I embarked on this series. Data is from scanned 35mm color negatives. No manipulation of information other than flipping, cropping or duplicating. Ocean Shell portfolio
These images celebrate sand, sea, and sky. I am strongly influenced by Georgia O'Keefe's flower/landscape images and Pablo Picasso's beach paintings.
Recovery portfolio Summary: Recovery is a series of images compiled over one year after a near death experience and auto accident.