New Work from (2) recent artist residencies - Catskills and Nantucket

30th January 2018
In June 2017 I visited Nantucket Island with a residency at the Artists Association of Nantucket. In September 2017 I was at the Catwalk Institute along the Hudson River in Catskill NY. Both landscapes were blissful. Here are a few of the finished collages. In some you can see the separate photo frames within merged shots and in others all the separate frames have been merged.

From Catskills, NY:

Bastion Falls, New York
This is in Hains Falls, NY and my 1st waterfall on this trip. I shot from 4 vantage points, this being the last try. The waterfall was running low and finally I went around to the far side. This view expressed the lyrical path the water takes as it descends. Two hikers on right (see wood kiosk) are reading the map. I met them later at the upper falls - Kaaterskill Falls.

This location I found after a day of wandering. In September the Catskill roads are dotted with clumps of goldenrod that draw my eye. I was thinking "Wow, you need to shoot some of that." A mile or so later I glimpsed this private drive off the main road. My image doesn't do it justice, believe me.

Driving home from a tiring day of chasing waterfalls... I cannot resist the vibrant wildflowers along the road. It is September and I am only too aware that these flowers will be gone with one cold snap.

From Nantucket Island, MA:

Polpis Road, Nantucket
I spied the pink as I was driving along Polpis Road on Nantucket. There was no direct access point but I eventually found a route into this magical pathway.

Southern most point, Nantucket
This beach on Nantucket is accessed from a dead end with only two parking spaces available. That is very good. For me, this is the most beautiful place on the Island. The vista opens after a meandering walk and a climb over a narrow dune.
The sound of the surf increases as I approach. As I leave the sound slowly softens and my ritual is complete.

Fog, Nantucket
Fog descends on Nantucket and this simply makes this lazy path towards the bay more enticing. I cannot see exactly where it is going and am thankful.