VCCA Moulin a Nef, France Anniversary Exhibit

10th July 2015
A collage completed in Auvillar, France while I was in residency at Moulin a Nef will be included in the retreat's anniversary exhibit organized by the Virginia Center for the Arts. The exhibit will be displayed in the Chapelle Sainte Catherine du Porte (8th-9th C), which appears to the right the red shuttered home (see below). Sainte Catherine is the patron saint of the boatmen who operated on the Garonne River (far left). The show will travel to other exhibit spaces in France.

"In My Memory, Auvillar" was shot a few yards from the Virginia Center's retreat compound (far right). The road passing in front of Saint Catherine is part of the pilgrimage route (El Camino) that runs from Northern France to the Cathedral of Santiago in Northwestern Spain.

In My Memory, Auvillar France 2012 photo collage

Another image shot at this location is below, titled "Pilgrim Walking." Here is a view of the front of the Chapelle Sainte Catherine, where the VCCA exhibit will be hung. Although I was in Auvillar late in the pilgrimage season, I would occasionally see and hear pilgrims pass below my window on their way up to the town center of Auvillar. The tapping of walking sticks would alert me.
This photo collage is my projection of the possible desires of a pilgrim on this voyage. I can imagine that while making this solitary walk that I would be hoping for some shift in my outlook, some message to be received, some gift from above...

Pilgrim Walking, Auvillar 2012 photo collage